Scam Email Alert

We’ve received another Scam Email that aims to deceive Internet users using the name of Exabytes. Have you received the same scam email? If you have, kindly let us know!

The Scam Email sent by some ill-intentioned senders tried to trick email recipients into believing the fake content. Do NOT click on any button or make any payment!

 Latest Scam Email Report from Exabytes

How to differentiate a real Exabytes email from a scam email?

  1. Sender’s email address: Make sure the sender’s email address is legit. Be cautious if sender’s email address looks weird. (eg: The recent Scam email that we’ve found out was sent by [email protected])
  2. Company Logo: Make sure there is a company logo in the email. Pay extra attention if you receive an email without a company logo.
  3. Company Signature: Company Signature usually shows companies details. Check on the details to find out if it is legit or not.

differentiate a real Exabytes email from a scam email

Things you can do to stay safe from Scam Emails:

  1. Check the email sender. Please trust only the communications from Exabytes and other trusted companies.
  2. If you aren’t sure, or need a verification for any suspicious email about your website hosting products, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] to clarify.
  3. Hide your private information, such as email address, contact number and office/house address with Whois ID Protection to stay protected from scams and fraud. You are highly recommended to get a domain name with Whois ID Protection.

Internet security is a rising concern in the internet world. Hackers and spammers are outside the open world preparing for next attacks. Keeping our personal data safe is one of our main task to ensure we get rid of spams and viruses.

A Clear picture to understand how Whois ID Protection works with your domain.

Below are some of the articles related to internet security that you can refer for further information:


Share this blog post to your colleagues, friends and family! Better be safe than sorry.

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