choosing domain name

Your domain name is your web identity. It’s one of the first things your website visitors will pay attention to. And so, as you consider that domain name, be thoughtful, be creative, but be realistic so that it reflects your business and is easy to find.

There are plenty of general tips out there that will help you as you begin your search. These include the following:

  • Keep it short and easy to type
  • Target your company name or your niche
  • Make it memorable
  • Choose the right extension for your niche (.com, .net, .co, or some of the newer extensions that are more specific, such as, .media, .photography, .nyc). Note: geographic domain extensions are perfect for a local business. And purchasing multiple domain extensions is usually a good idea. 
  • Don’t use numbers or hyphens – they’re too hard to remember and can trip a user up.
  • Make sure you research the name to avoid legal issues later on
  • Use keywords that describe your business niche (e.g.,
  • Use an analysis tool, which many domain registries offer

Let’s Dig a Little Deeper for Some Less-Known Tips

Type Out Your Options

You need to see how they really look in print. Are they simple and easy to type? 

Make sure they don’t form words or phrases that are confusing. For example, the company, C Ant Solutions, when typed out would read, – it makes no sense.

Be Careful About Creativity

You may want to be clever, but be careful. 

Trying to use a unique spelling, for example, may make it hard for people to find you. If you choose a domain name for your business, “Cars to Go” and decide to be “cute” and use, you will lose potential customers.

Being clever and unique can be a good thing, but get professional help or opinions – again use a domain appraisal tool or get an opinion from a seasoned marketing professional in your niche.

creative domain name
Photo by Rahul from Pexels

Think Ahead

Make sure your domain name will still be relevant when your business will grow and ultimately offer more products or services. Don’t face the prospect of having a domain name that no longer tells all that you do. 

The garden tool company may ultimately want to expand into more related products, so a domain name related to tools and supplies may be a better choice.

Another example might be an educational service. There are plenty of options for services and goods you can offer in this niche. Therefore, choosing a broad name like education supply might be a good option.

Don’t Scrimp

There may be a domain that is perfect for your business niche. But it may not be available for a cheap price. 

Lots of entrepreneurs buy up domain names cheap and just wait until the popularity increases, in order to turn a profit. You may have to pay a pretty price, but if it’s right, do it. It will only get more expensive down the road.

Tracey Barett, CEO of Top Writers Review, found this out the hard way. The domain was for sale, but for $500, a higher price than she wanted to pay as a small startup. “We settled for a less ideal name in the interest of economy. When we were finally able to purchase our current domain name, we paid double what we could have four years earlier.”

Check Social Media

If you intend to establish a presence on social media, check your domain name there before you register it. You will not be able to use it if there is another domain with the same name, but with another extension.

There you have it. The common tips, and the not-so-common ones. Now go forth, do your research, get some help and advice, and get the domain name that will really work for you.