Exabytes Halloween Sale

Time to lock up your windows and tuck yourself under the blanket, everyone, because Halloween is here to haunt you once again!

Halloween, a holiday celebrated on the night of 31st is a holiday which is celebrated with fun-filled activities which include trick-or-treating, costume parties, carving Jack-o’-lanterns, and more! Therefore, if you are a fan of trick-or-treating, come on over and knock on Exabytes’ door as you are in for a good, spookylicious treat!

This Halloween, brace yourself as we are giving away 15% discounts on our EBiz Gold, EBiz Plus and EBossss DIY Kit respectively with our spooktacular Halloween Promotion!

This spookylicious promotion is valid from 6th October 2009 until 2nd November 2009 only, so get on your broom and knock on our door to order now!

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