Benefit Of Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing? The word “cloud” can be explained as a set of different types of hardware and software that works collectively to deliver different aspects of computing to the end-user as an online service. Cloud Computing is the latest computing technology, in which computing resources are shared instead of having their own personal devices or servers to run the application or software. On top of that, cloud computing is also often referred to as “a type of internet based computing”. One of the examples of cloud computing is Gmail; you can access your Gmail account on any online device.



Why have so many businessmen decided to go Cloud nowadays? Clearly, cloud computing has a lot to offer compared to traditional web hosting.


1.) Get Latest Software Updates

Software vendors can update software or applications through the cloud; they can have several updates in a year without charging their customers.


2.)Improved Information Security

According to research, cloud computing is more secure as cloud solution security is based on ISO security standards. Every cloud provider must follow the ISO standard in addition to the regular security audits and protect their customers’ data security.


3) Save Cost

Cloud computing is a type of pay as you go service. You do not need to purchase a server and own it. All you need to pay is a small amount of money for your service provider.


4) Easier Collaboration

Since cloud computing is online based, it is easy to collaborate with your staff stationed in different locations even if they are from several different countries.


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