What do you normally do online? Check email? Write blog? Get busy with Facebook & Twitter?

If you are nodding your head and saying yes at all of the above, how about stepping up a gear and try to do something a little different online this time? Exabytes invites you to think outside of the box and tell us the coolest thing you can do, to make your very own website the coolest website on the planet!

To take part in the Can I Do THAT Online contest, sign up and submit your ideas and you could walk away with FREE Semi-Dedicated Server worth RM2868 to host your coolest website! Phew! This offer doesn’t come knocking on your door everyday, so what are you waiting for? Start expressing yourself and join the contest today!

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  1. @Thara
    Thanks Thara for the reply to all my comments here! You really surprised me! Waiting for the result of the ‘What is WebHosting’ contest! Thanks again.

  2. I am really good at thinking out of the box but I am wondering if I should take part in this. I mostly have personal blogs; what will I do with dedicated hosting?! Let’s see.


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