Guess what?

For those of you who have been dying to meet us in person, Exabytes has news for you!

Get prepared with your 101 questions or your baseball bat (just kidding!) as you will get to meet us in person through our new CoffeeHUT program – an opportunity for you to learn everything about webhosting and more, over a cup of coffee – very very soon!

During this one-hour session, you will get to clear any doubts that you have about webhosting or Exabytes that’s been haunting you, and even expect the CEO himself to attend to your queries, in person! This program is a part of our initiative to educate our customers on everything that they need to know about webhosting, as well as blogging, applications, and services that the we are offering, to name a few. This is also an opportunity for you to expand the network amongst yourselves that will be attending our program on that day!

Interested? Go on and download the application form available here. The topics covered vary from basic to advance respectively, and the charges for classes also vary from charged classes to completely free classes.

First session starts 14th August 2009, from 6pm to 7pm at Exabytes Suntech office with the topic Introduction of CoffeeHUT & Top 5 Mistakes in Blogging, so come on over and chat with us over a coffee together! 😉

** CoffeeHUT is only held every second Friday of the month, once every 2 months.

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14 years ago

wow. exactly 1 week from today.
anyone booked your seat?