Happy 2011 everybody! While year 2010 had left us about a month ago, we still wish to rewind to the past as the last Star Employee of 2010 is yet to be announced! Yes, things wouldn’t be perfect without us wrapping up our 2010 ETOM with the queen of December. Before we reveal the big secret, we wanna keep you in suspense and let’s see if you could figure out who the big star was for the very last month of 2010.

She is the most caring person at Exabytes who sits at the Customer Service desk and uses the phone as her weapon. She speaks and writes excellent English. She is a big fan of huge teddy bears and likes it the most when it is given by someone special in the office as her birthday present. (It happened only 2 weeks ago) And like many of us, she too has a liking for different cuisine and a discerning palate.

Wait no more! Let’s put our hands together for Sharon Teoh, the Star of December 2010, from Customer Service Department! Sharon, Sharon, your working attitude has always made us proud and we always know that you being an EOTM is just a matter of time.

And this time, she was voted as EOTM of December 2010 because:

  • is always able to perform and be outstanding at work.
  • comes out with several ways to contact our customers for renewal and follow up with them accordingly.
  • performs ABC testing and shares with billing team the successful ways to persuade customers to renew.
  • spirit of ‘never give up’ until payment is collected. Since she was assigned to collect debts, the renewal rate among customers has improved.
  • does very well in follow-ups with customers on overdue invoices.

Congratulations again Sharon! We salute you

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