7th Day of Chinese New Year, 2 auspicious animals arrive at Exabytes office, bringing together with them the auspiciousness and good fortune to wish Exabytes Happy 10th Birthday. Indeed, 2011 marks the tenth year of Exabytes since its inception, and in celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year, more surprises are in place for Exabees and Exabytes’ valued clients. This morning, Lion Dance is one of the surprises.

At 9.15am, all Exabees wearing in red are anxiously waiting for the arrival of good luck, some even suggest to hide and give the 2 auspicious lions a surprise. 5 minutes later, the first hit of gong is heard, amidst cheering and clapping of hands among Exabees, a gold lion and a silver-red lion danced into our lobby with their full fledged gong equipment. ‘Tuck Tuck Dong Dong Dong Chang’, ‘Dong Dong Dong….. Chang’ is heard everywhere and it is truly ear-shattering, loud enough to scare away all the bad evils and bring in the good luck.

On reaching the lobby, dancing and greetings by the lions are followed by the throwing of tangerines to the Exabee crowd. In Chinese, as the pronunciation of tangerines is similar to gold, we are elated to received gold from the 2 very luck-promising lions. And the first endeavor, are of course to ‘pluck the green’ aka ‘Cai Ching’ in Chinese, using their martial arts skills some say originated from the Kung Fu of Wong Fei Hung.

Approaching the green which is hung around 8 feet high like 2 curious lions, they danced a little bit and fought like 2 giant cats under it before the gold lion making its Wong Fei Hung martial arts still jump and get the green and the Ang Pow (red envelope) in one single attempt. Amidst big round of applause, the lion returns to the ground, spits out the green and keeps the Ang Pow.

Our spirit runs high, adjourning to our desks the 2 lions are now heading to each department of Exabytes to greet us plus helping us to tear up and ‘eat’ the tangerines on our tables.

Thanks very much for the spectacular performance of Lion Dance and our CEO Chan Kee Siak for inviting the lions, auspiciousness and prosperity. Lastly, this enjoyable and motivating event is wrapped up by the group photo taking session with our gold lion, with great luck and more surprises promised in the year of 2011, officially the 10th Anniversary of Exabytes Network.

For more photos: Please visit our FB Fanpage or Click here.

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12 years ago

Wow, I am sure the lions have brought lots of good luck and fortune!

jing jing
jing jing
12 years ago

someone should ride on that lion and shout Exabytes hiakk hiakK hiakkk huaTtt arrr ~!!