Cloud Hosting VS Hotel Room Service

Cloud Service is similar to Hotel Room Rental Service in many ways.

1) You don’t have to buy a house / apartment and pay a high maintenance cost

When you buy a house / apartment, let’s not forget that you must also pay for yearly assessment, quit rent, monthly maintenance fees, etc. Cloud service is similar to renting a hotel room. When renting a hotel room, you do not have to pay the yearly and monthly high maintenance costs.


2) Rent an extra hotel room only base on needs

Imagine you have guests coming over for a visit this weekend. You can simply rent a hotel room and pay for that few days only.

Now imagine you have more data for backup this week, and will delete the data when you do not need them anymore in next month. It’s not financially wise to buy an additional hard disk for data backup and only realize that you do not need it anymore next month.


3) Your choice of renting 1 room, 2 rooms or more – pay as you use

Renting a hotel room: when the need arises, you actually only pay for the extra space you use. When your guests leave, you just need to check out and stop paying for the extra space immediately. In other words, you are not obliged to pay for what you Do Not use.

This is no doubt another advantage of cloud service.

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