Attn: Businessmen & Start-Up Owners!

Exabytes Now offers FREE one year Business Class Email ([email protected]) as well as a FREE Company Domain Name worth USD70.00 for businesses & start-ups!!

Exabytes Startup Enterprise Empowerment Deal (eSeed)

What Is Business Class Email Anyway?

Business Class Email is MORE THAN JUST EMAIL and it’s much more powerful than free email services! It’s a one-stop platform for emails, calendars, contacts, files and more.


WHY I need Business Class Email ([email protected])?

Build Trust and Credibility

Increase customer trust when communicating using own company emails as customers are assured that the person is a true representative of the company, and not some phishers or scammers. This is no doubt, extremely important especially when negotiating a business deal.


Avoid Losing Customers

A business that have own company email addresses will not be affected when its partner or staff leaves the company. This is because the owner of the business can access any email accounts and take over the tasks handled by the person previously. On the contrary, if the above mentioned staff/partner had used his personal email account to communicate with customers before he left, conversation records and even business might be stolen.


Be Different and Unique

With unique company email addresses, a business can stand out instantly in a crowded marketplace.


Make the Business Memorable

Own email addresses make potential customers remember the business better and easier as they are unique.


Reputation & Professionalism

Create a good image for the company or business.


WHO Is Eligible?

To find out more, please visit:


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