Prank Call from MyFM

Do……. do…, do……. do…

Call-in Customer: (Conversing in Cantonese): Are you helping people to build websites?
Exabytes Salesperson: That’s right, how should I address you?
Call-in Customer: My name is Ah Hian….

Being all friendly and helpful, our salesperson was officially PRANK CALLED on the second Friday of April the Malaysian way by MY FM’s morning crew 线人专家!!

Our ‘poor’ polite salesperson only realized it after 2.28mins of tele-conversation with the talented DJ, my goodness, the whole tele-conversation was then put on air the following Monday!

And the equivalence made between ‘飞 book’ (pronounced ‘fei’ book) and Facebook by the MY FM DJ was just classic! LOL….

In fact, at this moment we are still wondering if the one who submitted our phone number to MY FM was someone who spotted our phone number on our ads? Or are YOU our fun-loving existing customer/friend? Lol… If that’s you, give us shout out here! 🙂

Check out the entire conversation here.

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