exabytes video tutorials revamped
Hello there!

All of you must have noticed a series of transformation in Exabytes services lately. One after another. They just keep coming, don’t they? Hehe. Take special note though, that all these enhancement, hardwork and effort are specially done just for you, just so you can have a better hosting experience the way you have always wanted it to be!

Up next, watch out for another transformation that we have just done for our Tutorial Support Page. Some of the enhancements that you can now find in there are :

  • Left bar menu is now categorized properly and nicely.
  • More video tutorials (e.g.: WordPress, Magento ecommerce, etc.)
  • More interactive icons for better look and feel of the page.

For more of the page’s enhancements, you’re gonna have to explore it yourself! Explore it now! 🙂

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