This July, we are going to feature another department in Exabytes, as well as a special and important person behind it. Unlike the Customer Service Department which we presented to our readers on our blog last month (7 Adorable and Dedicated Angels Behind The Scene), this department only consists of 1 person. Yeah… make no mistake, there is only one person! But that certainly doesn’t make this department any less significant than other departments in Exabytes!

This long haired lass with an accountant look sits on the second floor of our office. Speaking of her nature of work, she is even more behind the scene than our ‘7 Dedicated Angels’ in Customer Service Department for she doesn’t interact with any customer at all! Yet, she controls Exabytes’ financial pulse, monitors the company’s spending, and even gives the CEO her opinions and advice on all money related matters! Not only that, every single PO and single cent spent every day has no chance of escaping from her mighty eyes.

Yeah! Introducing our Finance Manager, Miss Siew Hoon. Ever since she joined the company, she has introduced several financial systems and plans which benefited the company greatly.

Siew Hoon, our Finance Manager

Siew Hoon, our Finance Manager is also a frequent visitor and keen shopper of Queensbay Mall, Penang. 🙂 Ask her the location of any shop in this massive shopping mall and she could tell you in no time as she knows them like the back of her hand. Frequency of visits: 7 times a week! But you could be terribly wrong if you think she is an extravagant shopper, for all she does in the mall was long hour window shopping! It’s never an easy task to convince her to part with her cash. And because of her thriftiness and perfect discipline with money, all of us at Exabytes have trust and faith in her for managing and spending our money wisely. 🙂

At work, she is very sensitive to numbers and possesses an analytic mind. She places accountability as the most important attribute in her profession.

Last but not least, (someone has divulged this information to us) despite the sedentary nature of her job and her habit of eating around the clock, she never gets fat. Man! This is already making a lot of us jealous.

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