The time has come and we are very excited to announce our EOTM for the month of June! This month’s EOTM is special to us and probably to a lot of Exabytes’ clients as he is the person who you see every time you click on the link to send us a helpdesk ticket. You will also see his face elsewhere such as on our VPS (Windows Private Server) web page and Business Web Hosting page, etc. In fact, his face is EVERYWHERE! According to the management, he was picked because of his extremely pleasant, helpful and approachable look. Believe it or not, this guy is also one of the most affable guys I’ve ever met in all my encounters. No matter he is free or super busy at work, he is always smiling to me whenever we meet.

However, this month, he is voted our EOTM not because of his look, not only because of his amiable smile, but more importantly, his great contribution and selfless dedication to the company recently.

Let’s put our hands together for the friendly face you always see in our side banner ‘Live Chat with Sales and Tech’, our technical engineer, MR Gaveen Khor!

Reasons he is voted our EOTM for June:

  • Taking ownership of various issues and putting extra efforts during on and off duty hours to satisfy clients’ needs and resolve their issues to prevent service cancellation. His efforts have increased the confidence level of many Exabytes’ clients in our services.
  • Always taking the initiative to follow up pending issues and complaints from time to time and make sure they are all resolved.
  • Taking full responsibility on the assigned tasks to resolve them on time, as well as handling well on researching, testing, and implementing new features of products.

By the way, Gaveen is also an avid filmmaker of short comedy-clips. He was among the last 10 finalists of ‘Cadbury Chocettes Small Doses of Happiness Championship’ last year and many other funny and humorous short-clip making competitions. Best known for his ‘mou lei tao’ humor (Stephen Chow’s type of humor) in the office, he has never failed in making a lot of us laugh in the office.

Right on…! Gaveen

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