FREE SSL for exabytes hostingGOOD NEWS!

Exabytes is proud to offer secure hosting with FREE domain validated SSL. This is because we want your business to gain more trust, customer loyalty and repeat purchases!

*(FREE SSL is for Linux Shared hosting customers only).

With a SSL Certificate, your website URL will start with “https://” instead of “http://”. In addition, your website visitors/potential customers will notice a green [Secure] word in the website address bar.

Secure ssl

Why your website should be secured with an SSL certificate?

Nowadays, it’s extremely common to submit our contact details, passwords or payment information to the website we visit. But sometimes, we may feel doubtful to submit info, or even purchase if the website is not secured by SSL… (many netizens are very savvy today and will most probably look for the green rectangle in the browser address bar before submitting info/making a purchase)

True enough, without SSL encryption, our data is vulnerable to abuse. Besides helping online business, Exabytes is keen on helping to encourage a safe E-Commerce environment in the country by creating a safe online experience. And that’s the reason why we are offering SSL Certificates completely FREE of Charge!

SSL Certificates Help to:

  • Protect Your Login Details
  • Protect File Transfer
  • Protect Your Personal Info

There are a few different types of SSL Certificates to suit your online business needs! Check them out.


DV Certificates
Domain validated or DV certificates are the most common type of SSL certificate. They are verified using only the domain name and certificates assure the user meaning that one can be issued almost immediately which can create distrust with users especially when it comes to shopping carts. Nevertheless, DV certificates have a positive impact on user trust and conversion rates compared to websites that without certificate at all.


PS: When you host with Exabytes, a Domain validate SSL is yours for FREE.  Enable SSL and do your part to create a secure Internet environment!
*(Windows Shared hosting customers are Not entitled to FREE SSL).

**Free SSL is applicable to all Linux hosting plan signups, including existing hosting customers who currently host with Exabytes.

Our Tech Team has Enabled SSL for you. Login to “.htaccess” ->  Force your .htaccess to HTTPS to enable your SSL Certificate.

WordPress User: Please refer here
General Web site: Please refer here
Joomla: Please refer here
Opencart: Please refer here
Magento: Please refer here

If you experience any issue while performing domain validated SSL setup, please feel free to contact our tech team at:


OV Certificates
A step up from Domain Validation, Organizational Validation allows a business’s information to be checked through the secure site seal. The validation procedure carried out by the issuing Certificate Authority is fairly strict, checking both that the applicant has the right to their domain name and that they are a legitimate business.  Visually, OV certificates in the browser bar are identical to DV certificates  However, the site seal provided with the certificate typically includes additional information like  organization’s name is also listed in the certificate, giving added trust that both the website and the company are reputable.

EV Certificates
(EV Certificate, Extended validation) provide the maximum amount of trust to visitors, and also require the most effort by the certificate authority to conduct an intense investigation of a business before issuance.

EV certificate will also show the name of the company or organization in the address bar itself, and a green bar is added to the user’s browser to signify that the certificate holder is a trusted authority.

If you run your online business on a eCommerce or corporate website, do consider changing your certificate to EV Certificate.

For more info on SSL Certificates, Visit us: HERE

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