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Starting your very first travel blog is actually pretty easy. If you just want to blog as a hobby, you can always start a simple travel blog for family & friends on! However, if you’re interested in making a living with travel blogging like most of the popular blogger do – keep reading!

#1 Pick a Good Travel Blog Name

Your travel blog domain name should be relatively short, memorable, easy to type and spell so that they can be shared easily.

#2 Get a Reliable WordPress Hosting

So what is WordPress Hosting? It’s not as confusing as it sounds. Most websites need to “rent” space on the internet to store all your blog’s data, files, and photos so that people around the world can easily access it when they type in your domain name. Our managed WordPress Hosting is fast, secure and includes installation, free backup and auto updates. Exabytes offer quality WordPress hosting starting from only $3.45.

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#3 Get A Professional Blog Theme

Your new WordPress blog comes with a couple of standard “themes”, or designs for your site. Choosing a great theme for your travel blog is very critical as it’s important to have a beautiful first impression and look when the visitor visit your website.

Recommended list of themes for your travel blog:

#4 Download Some Useful Plugins

WordPress plugins, just like the apps for your blog, can boost efficiency and productivity. Most plugins are free, while some needs to be bought with money in exchange for additional cool features for your blog.

You can download new plugins in the “plugin” section of your WordPress Dashboard.

Recommended list of plugins to install for your travel blog:

Akismet – No matter what blog you are making, you are bound to attract the attention of unwanted spam bots. Akismet protects your blog from spammers leaving comments on your posts.

Yoast SEO – You can optimize your WordPress site for search engines using Yoast SEO to increase traffic for your website.

Easy Social Share Buttons – A simple and easy-to-use social media sharing app for your articles.

AMP WordPress Plugin – This plugin helps translate your content to a very stripped down version of normal web pages, while maintaining all the important content with fast loading speed.


#5 Embrace Social Media

If you want to build a successful travel blog, it is important to stay active and post regularly on social media as it will help reach and engage with your readers. It can also help to increase your followers and fans.

To get started, sign up for all the most popular platforms and keep your social media usernames as similar as possible so that people won’t be get confuse when they switch platforms.


#6 What Should You Write?

Always keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity when creating your first contents for your travel blog.

Take your time to craft excellent, useful blog posts that carry impact. Share your favorite (or not so favorite) parts of a country. Give tips for fun things to do, share your crazy travel stories, show-off your beautiful images in photo essays, create a short video tour, or give food recommendations.

Also, try writing about different topics to find your voice, and see what kinds of posts/contents that your audience are interested and love.

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#7 Making Money with Your Blog

In the beginning, your reader will mostly be your friends and family members, but – that’s how all popular blogs started off at first too!

The more traffic your blog receives, the more money you can make with it. But it will take time to build your audience and grow your traffic. Don’t focus on making money right away, but focus on building your audience first!
However, you can always earn income with Affiliate Programs like,, and more. Another popular option is to display advertisements with Google Adsense.

*New: Now you can also makes money with Facebook Publishing Tools. You can share your content/ blog to Facebook by publishing instant article to Facebook.

Remember, all of these income streams grow only when your audience grows. So your audience be always your first focus when moving forward!


All The Best and Get Started!

Travel blogging isn’t as easy as it looks and it requires hard work. Creating a successful travel blog won’t happen overnight either.

Life is an adventure—share yours with the world. Build your own website and share your exciting travel stories. All you need is to get started is only $3.49! Get Started HERE!

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