Exabytes Dedicated Server Free iPod Shuffle

We get it, we understand. We know how busy you are. We know how you’ve got piles of tasks waiting to be done. We also know how you have no time to wait for your server to be up.

That is why, we have the Instant Dedicated Server plan to save you all the hassles! With Instant Dedicated Servers, your Dedicated Server is guaranteed to be up within one day! Can’t believe your eyes? Better believe it!

Be the first to take up this challenge by signing up to our Instant Dedicated Server today and get yourself a free, stylish 4GB iPod Shuffle worth RM379 once you sign up to this plan!

Browse Exabytes Dedicated Server today

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14 years ago

Wow, not bad at all. Now made better with a free 4GB iPod Shuffle… next month can consider throwing in a 32GB Apple iPhone 3GS. 🙂