Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! The time has come again, and it is the time that you’ve all been waiting for – the announcement of the new Exabytes’s Employee of The Month!

If there is one person in Exabytes who knows the company’s financial reports as she knows the bible by heart, it would be none other than this sweet chic whose main responsibility is generating bills, and compiling documents and records for the company’s finance purposes. She can however be, the nightmare of some customers when she starts nagging them with emails, reminding them of their overdue bills. But who would have known, behind the annoying, persistent emails, lies a very angelic looking girl, graceful when demonstrating her dance at her church performance every now and then. We are proud to announce, the new title holder for Exabytes’s employee of the month of September – Ms Jessica, Exabytes Treasure Keeper!

There are distinctive traits that made Jessica the reigning queen of the month. All of which you can find down here!

  • Incredibly efficient and responsible in executing the tasks assigned to her.
  • Extremely friendly and helpful with other team members (within or cross department)
  • Patient when guiding the junior members, and clients as well.
  • Works overtime to help increase the company’s productivity.
  • Is always punctual to work.
  • Independent and manage to complete the tasks assigned to her on a timely manner.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please put your hands together, for your reigning queen of the month, Ms Jessica! Congratulations, girl! 🙂


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14 years ago

Congrats, girl!

14 years ago

Congrats! 🙂

14 years ago

congratulation! belanja makan?