Sunday, 9.30 in the morning, 32 professional bowlers gathered… Oops, sorry, I mean unprofessional bowlers gathered at Suntech lobby, waiting to showcase their ‘exceptional’ bowling skills at Exabytes Bowling Tournament 2011.

They did not wait long before making their way to Sunshine Square, a department store which was just across the street. ‘They’ are us Exabees who are fun-loving and always believe that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Stepping into Premium Lane Bowling Alley located on the 5th floor at 10am sharp with very high spirit, we saw a janitor cleaning the floor and it seemed there was no one else in the alley except him!

‘Are we too early?’ Luckily a service crew of Premium Lane approached us, it’s true that we were their very first customers today. Since we were so early, the wise thing to do would be chowing down on the delicious breakfast prepared by the OC – hotdog ‘ban chiang kuih’ (a famous Penang pancake/hawker snack) to get our first dose of energy.

hotdog 'ban chiang kuih'
Specially prepared breakfast by the OC – hotdog ‘ban chiang kuih’
exabytes staff enjoying the meal
Six gluttonous eaters tucking in their breakfast

A simple briefing soon followed, 32 of us were divided into 4 teams – Team A,B, C and D. We needed to be sure that our only weapons were ready. No professional bowling gloves, bags, etc, our only weapons were bowling shoes by Premium Lane.

Jerrick Yeoh and Arren Tan briefing for bowling tournament
Briefing by Organizer Arren Tan

The first battle kick started between Team A and Team B. To win, we gave it all we had…, which included some really creative and funny ways to bowl.

vickson tan praying to win exabytes bowling tournament
God, please give me strength to win
exabytes bowling tournament 2011
Who can matches my ‘coconut throwing’ skills?
exabytes bowling tournament 2011
Don’t laugh at me! I believe talking/communicating with my bowling ball can help me win!
exabytes bowling tournament 2011
Does this posture remind you of Shalin Zukifli? Yeah, she is Exabytes’ Shalin Zukifli – PY Ooi
exabytes bowling tournament 2011
God can I not clear the gutter again please?
exabytes bowling tournament 2011 Chan Kee Siak CEO
CEO Chan with his ‘serious’ bowler look
exabytes bowling tournament 2011 Roger
Roger, we know that you are the best male bowler, but please don’t eat while you bowl!
exabytes bowling tournament 2011
Together, we are always the strongest

exabytes bowling tournament 2011Eventually, Team A advanced. The battle between Team C and D ensued. With some really solid and creative bowling skills, Team D emerged as the winner in this match.

Subsequently, the winning team of first battle – Team A and the winning team of second battle – Team D were in for the final tussle!

right hand ready to hold a bowling ball

Finally, the winner was decided. It’s Team A!!!
Congratulations to Annie, KC Yeap, JY Teh, Sharon, Jin Wee, Patricia and Rick!

Heading back to Exabytes office, we waited anxiously for the announcement of best male and female bowlers, plus the prize for Team A presented by CEO Chan.

Chan Kee Siak gave prize to Roger Liew at Exabytes headquaters
Best male bowler Roger Liew
Event Advisor, Annie Ong Exabytes Bowling Tournament 2011
Event Advisor, Annie Ong

Last but not least, thank you very much again for the hard work of our organizing committee Arren Tan, Shueh Wah, YL Neoh, Chris and Annie Ong. Thanks also for the delicious breakfast! Although we were just a bunch of amateur bowlers, we did have great fun laughing at each others’ unorthodox ways of playing and throwing. J

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