Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Exabytes, Happy birthday to you!!

Hmm..typical birthday song! But, we like it! We are all in birthday mood! No worries to our clients, there will be no degradation in our performance in the midst of celebration mood.

Let’s get to the point. As you might be aware by now (If you are not, then, you have all the reasons to continue reading this blog entry!), Exabytes is having Super Celebration with our 7 wonders!

Yup, super super celebration… This banner will show you how super it is!


What are our 7 wonders? I will review it here for you. Let’s keep it short, simple and sweet!

sp-ipod.gif Express-All-You-Want
Top of the list will be our contest to express about Exabytes! This is the chance for u to spill out everything. If you love Exabytes, say it out loud with your creativity. If you dislike us, we welcome your constructive feedbacks!
sp-my.gif Domain Names Price Slash!
A not-to-be-missed item! Get your .my 2LD at only RM 77/year! If you think that .my 2LD is just not your favourite, well, we are generous enough to offer you RM 27.70/year for Top Level Domain (TLD), namely – .net/com/org/biz/info.
sp-ebiz.gif RM 70 discount for EBiz Gold
It reads loud and clear! RM 70 off now! Enter this coupon code and claim your one-time discount today. This coupon is valid until 30 May 2008. Coupon code: SuperSeven
sp-swipe.gif Swipe 2 Win RM 777 worth of credit!
Each time you buy from Exabytes, you stand a chance to win up to RM 777 of credit. We will match paypal or worldpay’s transaction ID’s last 2 digits. If the last digit has one (7) digit, then you win RM 77 of credit. If it happens that your last two digits are (7), RM 777 of credit is yours!
sp-70.gif 70% Discount on Exabytes Server!
Exabytes Dedicated Server that has super performance with 4x73GB of SAS hard drive. You only need to pay from RM 877/month to get free gift worth RM 2039/month. Limited to 10 units only!
sp-affiliate.gif RM 100 for affiliates!
Have you even ever thought of 1 second that Exabytes will forget you?! No no..we won’t! During this 7th anniversary, we will increase the affiliate commission to RM 100. So? Refer more to Exabytes & you earn more!
sp-gift.gif Exabytes’ fans, take note!
Finally, last but not least, if you are Exabytes’ fan, good news for you! You will now stand a chance to collect Exabytes souvenirs – Tshirt and umbrellas will be given free for those who purchase EBiz Gold & BizGrid Business Hosting plan!

Phew! what a list of great items! Hey, don’t read and that’s it. Immediately browse Exabytes today for all the exclusive promotional items.

See you there!

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16 years ago

Happy belated birthday πŸ™‚ Sorry for being late.

Hey, your Super Celebration rocks!! I love it so much that I frequently browse Exabytes websites quite a number of times this month. Thinking ‘should I or shouldn’t’ I. It’s the matter of time. ‘Should I.. now?’ or ‘Should I… later?’ Hehe… building up a strategy for my business actually. πŸ™‚

Again, you guys rocks!

16 years ago

owh thanks! and let me help you solve your dilemma now, if i may? πŸ™‚ YOU SHOULD – NOW! πŸ˜€

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malaysia tractor
malaysia tractor
15 years ago

I’m new user of exaBytes. Gongrt^^

promotional pens
promotional pens
13 years ago

Happy Birthday and more opportunities to come! Wish you all the Luck!