If you are a super fan of fictional superheroes, or a Walt Disney animations lover, you most probably know Robert “Bob” Parr, who also known as Mr. Incredible who has made his appearance in Disney & Pixar motion picture, “The Incredibles” in 2004. Robert “Bob” Parr is a fictional superhero, but in Exabytes a real “Mr. Incredible of Exabytes” does exists. Please give a big applause to our Employee of The Month March 2008 – Mr Gaveen Khor!

Every hero definitely is associated with particularly remarkable reasons to be regarded as hero, so does becoming Employee of The Month in Exabytes. Let’s see what are the heroic successes this guy has done to win himself the title.

  • He is a responsible person who always can be counted on, and able to complete tasks assigned on timely manner.
  • Superheroes help people who needs help. Indeed, he is a big-hearted guy who always willing to offer his help to colleagues.
  • “Mr. Incredible” a fictional superhero with great strength and durability. Our “Mr. Incredible” also posses the similar abilities. When there are urgent issues need more manpower, he will come to rescue even work for additional hours.
  • He always exhibits optimistic personality every day as a friendly and cheerful office member.
  • If you ask Exabytes members, who is person has so far greeted them the most number of times of “Good Morning” or “Bye Bye”, his name will first pop up in everyone’s mind. When comes to politeness, no doubt he is the “guru” in Exabytes.
  • Okay, the characteristics sound like a superhero, how about the look? Here is the snapshot of our Employee of the Month March 2008. Does he look like the original “Mr. Incredible”? I will leave it for you to judge it yourself. 🙂

    March 2008 Employee of The Month - Mr Incredible of Exabytes

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