how to connect your webmail account on your mobile device

How to Connect your Webmail account on your Mobile Device

Want to check your mail anywhere and anytime? Set your Webmail Account on your mobile devices and enjoy mobility wherever you go. The following steps may sound complicated but no worries, one step at a time and you will make it.

1- Steps to Connect your Webmail Account on Android Mobile Device

2- Steps to Connect your Webmail Account on IOS Mobile Device


Steps to connect your Webmail Account On Android:

1- Look for the Email icon/Mail application on your smartphone.

2- Go to the settings of the Email/Mail Application.

3- Choose ‘add account’.


android create webmail account4- The Mail Options will allow you to setup with POP3, IMAP or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (IMAP is strongly recommended as it allows users to sync & view their emails on multiple devices).

5- Key in your Email Address Password and tap Next.

6- For incoming server settings, please refer to the below screenshots for example.

    • Username: [email protected] (your email address)
      *Please note that the Username must be your full email address instead of just your name*.
    • Password: your email password
    • IMAP/POP3 server: where should be replaced by your domain name.
    • Security type: None
    • Server Port: 143 (IMAP) / 110 (POP3)

android add webmail account

7- For outgoing server settings.

    • Username: [email protected] where it should be your email address
    • Password: your email password
    • SMTP server: where should be replaced by your domain name.
    • Security type: None
    • Server Port: 587
    • Then select Next.

8- Click on ‘sign-in’. You’re all set!


Steps to Connect your Webmail Account on iOS Mobile Device:

1- Select ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Accounts and Passwords’

2- Click on ‘Add Account’

3- Select ‘Other’

4- Click on ‘Add Mail Account’

5- In the New Account menu, you will need to key in the following data:

    • Name: Your Name (It will appear as the sender’s name)
    • Email: Your full email address
    • Password: The password for this email address
    • Description: You can write any description you wish. However, it is advisable to use your email address as description.

6- Select Protocol Type: IMAP

7- Fill in the following details:

ios webmail account


8- Click ‘No’ if you receive a pop up saying that you cannot connect using SSL.

9- You’re done with the email setup.


I hope you find this guide useful. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to let us know. We look forward to providing more informative and helpful blog posts in the future. Stay tuned.