Remember our previous entry on our new member of the family – the King of Aqua (and his fishy friends)?

Yes, it’s only been a month since we first brought our beloved King of Aqua into his new home, but already we’ve made sure he is accompanied by beautiful friendly little fishes in his new home.

And just so he is happy being with our one big happy family, we also made sure to beautify his new home by decorating them with coral, rocks and seaweeds!




It is important for us to decorate his new home as beautiful as we can, because after a long hard day at work, we do take the time off by chilling at the corner, and relaxing our eyes by looking at the peacefully swimming fishes and beautifully decorated aqaurium.

Is amazing how our tiredness disappear just by looking at the peaceful scene in front of us!

So. Looking for a way to put your mind at ease? Come on over and give our King of Aqua a visit. He will sure to brighten up your day! 😉

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Kiah Kiean
Kiah Kiean
14 years ago

Wa very nice aquarium, who maintain it?

14 years ago

yea! We have a group of people to maintain the aquarium. 🙂