Time passes by, and before you know it, our country, our dear Malaysia, is going to turn 51 this 31st August. So what better way to spread this wonderful news other than announcing it on your website, even your blog, for everyone around the world to share and cherish?

Therefore, Exabytes is happy to invite you to celebrate this glorious day with much joy and happiness as we pamper you with even more SPECIAL discounts to give away! So don’t miss out these magnificent discounts as it does not last forever!

Merdeka Hide & Seek Contest
If you can spot, you can win! Let’s have some fun this Merdeka Day. Uncover Exabytes’ secret treasures by spotting the hidden items (Malaysia flags & Exabytes logo) in this fun Hide & Seek game! It really is easy to win this game, so spot them all now so you won’t miss the chance to win yourself a stylish Sony Walkman Video MP3 Player worth RM699 for you to flaunt!
Merdeka Domain Name Sale
You’ve been eyeing that domain name. You’ve always wanted to get your claws on it, for a long, long time. Now is your chance! Grab hold of this opportunity as .TLD domain ( are now sold for only RM51/year and .my domain is now sold at only RM99/year! Catch it now before it gets away!
RM51 Discount on EBiz Gold Web Hosting
Enjoy a one-time RM51 discount when you purchase the EBiz Gold plan from Exabytes within our Merdeka promotion! With 300GB at only RM323.5/year, this has got to be the best deal ever! Selling fast like hot cakes, get it now before the promotion ends!
RM250 discount for Semi-D
Enjoy a one-time RM250 discount on our Semi-D Webhosting plan! This is a limited-time promotion only, so hurry and grab one now before it’s too late!
Merdeka Dedicated Server Sale
Dedicated Servers are now sold at such insanely low price, nobody else can offer! Save over RM3700, get yourself FREE upgrades and 33% OFF for Gold Server Management plan when you purchase to our Dedicated Server! Unbelievable? Believe it! Break free from shared hosting. Switch to a Dedicated Server today!

Now common! Join us to spread the wonderful news today! 😉

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