Exciting news! Just to keep all of you updated, we’re moving our offices to a bigger and better location soon! It is still under construction now, but we are expected to move out late this year, probably in September. . . hopefully. Hehe.

The new office is right around the corner from our current office, but it’s bigger and the view is so much better! It will have a total of about 5200 sq ft of useable area (including mezzanine floor) which is 2.6 times larger than our existing office. We are lucky that we get to be on the 18th floor of SunTech Tower, so the outside view that we get from our new office is simply. . . breathtaking. 🙂

With the new office, we’ll have a proper pantry where we can actually sit down and have our meal together, kick back and relax in a private lounge room where there will be sofas and magazines just for us to chill in, and there will even be gym and sauna nearby if we feel like pampering ourselves after a long hard day at work! Goodness, we can hardly wait! 🙂

Here are a couple pictures :

This is how the SunTech Tower looks like. . .



This is how our new office looks like during the renovation . . .











This is how the hallway looks like . . .



And not forgetting, the breathtaking view from our new office!



Obviously we are all very excited about the new office, so keep coming as we will keep posting more pictures as things progress to keep you updated! Until then! 😉

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  1. congratulation, this will be better than the one near HSBC one…

    great view.. when stress out.. can have a great view to relax….

    dream to get one for 3 of us soon.

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  5. Wei! Really a big congratulations to u all!!! From Gurney Tower, Mayang Mall, and finally to a significant building- Suntech!



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