The world has seen Jumbo Burgers, Jumbo Jets & now, Exabytes will add to the list by contributing “Jumbo Servers”.

You might wonder what the heck is this..but lo and behold, Jumbo Servers will save your day at the right time. To simplify everything, just imagine that you have tons of other businesses to handle and yet you have to scratch your head for issue such as having a web presence for distributing your real-time data and yes, we understand this web presence might mean life and death for you as it brings millions of income for you.

No more frowning or head scratching!


This is where our Jumbo Servers come in handy and read the word “Fully Managed”. It means Exabytes handles everything for you. From hardware to software, you can be rest assured that we have responsive 24×7 technical support engineers that will prepare, setup and assist you even at the wee hours of the morning.

How do you know you need Exabytes Jumbo Fully Managed Servers?

Easy! Here’s your checklist!

  • Is web presence in distributing real-time data a primary source of revenue?
  • Do you want to reduce multimedia investment costs such as hardware, software, and technical expertise?
  • Do you wish to reduce application downtime and have robust scalability & performance?
  • Do you want your email server to be monitored 24 / 7 / 365?
  • Do you need to organize entire email services for your corporation?
  • If this list of checklist answers all your worries in your mind, without doubt, it’s time for you to get our fully managed dedicated server.

    We have 3 different fully managed servers catered right just for your need! Click on them to find out more.

    Fully managed streaming media server Fully managed database server Fully managed email server

    My advice is, don’t walk, RUN to us and get your quotation from our sales team today! Email them at [email protected]

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