If you are planning to have your very own hosting business or you already are a hosting reseller, read further.

In conjunction with the increasing demands from resellers to host more domains in their reseller accounts, Exabytes has introduced Linux Unlimited Domains Reseller Hosting Plan, a reseller hosting plan that custom designed to suit reseller need to establish their own hosting business in more elastic approach.

Just as its name implies, the greatest appeal of Unlimited Domain Reseller Plan is its great flexibility to allow resellers to host as many domains as they can. Resellers could create unlimited number of customer accounts in their own space and bandwidth limitations, enabling them to sell as many hosting account as possible under their own brand, packages and prices.

To be more precisely, Unlimited Domains Reseller Hosting Plan is more than just a hosting plan. Along with the reseller hosting plan, comprehensive reseller tools that every reseller needs for their hosting business, such as billing system, all in one printer, web sites templates and video tutorials are included free in the plan. All of these freebies compact the reseller plan into a complete ideal solution for reseller hosting business.


With this well-featured package, you can now kick start your hosting business easily and swiftly. You can now build your own successful web hosting provider business with the guarantee we will be with you every step of the way.

For more information about this hosting plan, please browse to

The only bad news about this hosting plan is… it is limited to first 20 sign up only! So better be quick or you would regret!

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