“Shy Guy! Shy Guy!” There is a chap in Exabytes office who reminds everybody of the popular hit by Diana King ‘Shy Guy’, that kind of guy who would make us and a lot of ladies feel ‘irie’. Yes, he is quiet and shy to strangers, and he is someone who speaks only when spoken. Lunch time is the moment he exudes an air of mystery for no one usually knows his whereabouts. He seldom joins us for lunch and is seldom seen bringing his food to the office. However, after getting friendly to him, you will realize that he is actually not that mysterious and is able to talk ‘nonsense’ non-stop 🙂

Introducing our EOTM of Febraury aka Mr Shy Guy, Internet Marketing Executive, Jerrick Teoh! He is new, he is shy, and he is not that outspoken. But none of these matters as in the month of February, he showed us that he was definitely someone who was worth a big round of applause. Not only is Jerrick hardworking and dedicated at work, he is also hardworking and dedicated after work.

And in February, he was voted as our respected EOTM because:

Selflessly continue his work at home even after office hours
Always complete assigned tasks on time
Show genuine efforts
Highly committed to online marketing
Willing to learn as a junior
Punctual to work
Hardworking, responsible and dedicated

Congratulations Jerrick! You’ve made us especially the newcomers proud!

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