Good News!! Exciting News!! Especially for anyone that plans to register a new .my/

Effective 30 July 2009, .my DOMAIN REGISTRY is pleased to announce that for new domain name registration for .my,, and, organizations formed pursuant to Business Registration Act 1956, Companies Act 1965 and Legal Profession Act 1976 need not submit the hard copies of supporting documents to Resellers unless specifically requested.

Registrants are required to warrant that all information submitted in their applications to register a domain name is complete, correct and accurate. Kindly take note of following:

  • .my DOMAIN REGISTRY reserves the right to suspend, delete and/or transfer the domain names of Registrants who have been found to have supplied incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate information in their applications to register a domain name.
  • .my DOMAIN REGISTRY reserves the right to carry out random checks on the veracity of the information submitted by Registrants from time to time.

.my DOMAIN REGISTRY has also introduced the Regulated Names Policy & Procedure ( and revised the Agreement ( for Registration of Domain Name.

All existing and new domain names registered with .my DOMAIN REGISTRY will be subject to the revised agreement with immediate effect.  Should you have any objection to the same, you may contact .my DOMAIN REGISTRY at [email protected] or call 03-8991 7272.

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