The robust growth of Internet traffic nowadays is giving pressure to traditional shared hosting servers to competently handling web server load spikes and substantial daily usage on email service. Optimizing web site and email service reliability has become a great challenge for business owners.

To help business owners, particularity small and medium size enterprises to overcome this situation, Exabytes Network has stepped up with the presentation of its brand new BizGrid Business Web Hosting Plan.

Exabytes BizGrid Business Web Hosting Plan

BizGrid Business Web Hosting Plan is premium business grade hosting plan that specially custom designed with cutting edge innovations in hardware and hosting features to suit business-critical needs in today’s competitive Internet and business environment. Well, let’s see what is so special about this plan.

Peace of Mind with Powerful Technologies Peace of Mind with Powerful Technologies
BizGrid Business Web Hosting Plan, which made its debut on 25 March 08, exhibits a more powerful approach for business hosting users compare to other shared hosting plan. Led by powerful double Quad Core Xeon Server and 4 GB ECC RAM, along with superior features, BizGrid Business Web Hosting Plan is specially formulated to suit business-critical needs.

email icon Reliable Business Grade Email Service
Understand the importance of email service to a business, email service in BizGrid Business Hosting is enhanced to 2 GB email account, 40MB attachment, 2000 emails sending per day and 500 recipients per email. The email service operates in full gear with spam filtering, McAfee antivirus solution and secured email encryption.

meter Identify Internet Trends & Forecast
With advanced web analytics tool, SmarterStats which is bundled in this plan, you can be provided with detailed web analytics in an perceptive and easy-to-read web interface format for you to identify Internet trends, forecast and promote understanding about your customers.

calendar and notes icon Robust Collaboration within Organization
BizGrid Business Web Hosting Plan on the other hand, is able to help you establish best practices of collaboration within your organization that always constitutes to better tasks distribution, less production time and fabulous outcome, courtesy to robust collaboration features in SmarterMail resources sharing function.

Besides those benefits mentioned above, there are still many more features in BizGrid Business Web Hosting Plan which can empower every aspect of business presence in Internet. BizGrid Business Web Hosting Plan appears to be a sleeker and stronger solution that provides even smarter hosting experience to business hosting end users.

BizGrid Business Web Hosting Plan is not only capable to give you peace of mind with its exceptional reliability in hosting service, it may also provide relaxation therapy to your physical. If you sign up before 31 Dec 2008, you will stand chance to win a Gintell massage chair worth RM 2988!


To know more about the benefits and information about Exabytes BizGrid Business Web Hosting Plan, please visit

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