Just like what said by the famous American poet Langston Hughes “Let the rain kiss you….. Let the rain sing you a lullaby…” The whole atmosphere at Exabytes’ office today resembles what MR Hughes said about rainy days. “Let the rain beat upon your head… feel the rain like a lullaby…”

It is a Wednesday’ morning, it is first day of September 2010 in Penang, and many of us have to work today after a long break during the weekend + Merdeka Day celebration, so instead of relishing MR Hughes’ ambience of a rainy day, many Exabees have come to work, with umbrellas.

Rainy Wednesday morning

Not only do them remind us of MR Hughes’ famous rainy day quote, all these umbrellas actually look like a few mushrooms growing on the ground, some of these umbrella do have their WEBSITES’ URLs printed on the surface, aren’t they? 🙂

company website url printed on umbrella

How would it be if all umbrellas in the world have their brands’ websites printed on them? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing for people to get to know about them?

umbrella without url printed

umbrella without URL printed

Well, well, well ……

How about a cup of Nescafe.com.my after the crazy rainy day traffic in this hectic Wednesday’s morning? 🙂

nescafe to start your morning

If we could treat all our customers to a cup of Nescafe in our office today, we would!


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