We know, we know. We have been a little quiet lately, thanks to the super hectic days we had for the last couple of months. But, a promise is a promise. And as promised, we are happy to keep you updated, and announce another deserving star, entitling her to win this award! Oh yes, the secret is out. The award goes to a lady this time!

Oh wow. She did it again! She has won the title before, and she earns it again this time! Without further ado, let’s all give a round of applause to – Alysa, The Wonder Lady! Woohoo!

That’s right, Alysa has shown such remarkable dedication and commitment in her profession, making her the best among the rest! So what does it take to be a “Wonder Lady”, you may ask? We have got the juices! Ms Alysa is the kind of lady who is :

  • Incredibly efficient and able to meet all datelines despite of the workload and tight working schedule.
  • Awfully creative and a talented artist.
  • Dedicated and commited in executing the tasks assigned to her.
  • Takes full responsibility in tasks assigned to her.
  • Extremely friendly and helpful with other team members (within or cross department)
  • Very hardworking and willing to stay back whenever necessary.

So that’s what it takes to become a Wonder Lady! Okay, personality traits revealed, still remember how this chic looks like? Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give it up for your reigning queen for this month, Alysa Lee!


Congratulations, girl! 😀

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