Wow, who is the next one! The reigning Employee of the Month is none other than Annie Ong!! Does that name sound familiar to you? If not, check your billing ticket that you send to Exabytes, you will know who is she. 😛 Why did the panel of judges select this reigning “Miss Employee of the Month”? I will tell you why…

  • First, she is the “Legendary Hua Mu Lan“! Every one knows she is Hua Mu Lan, so, judges have no choice but to give her! Just kidding 😛 . We regard her as Hua Mu Lan because we think she is a strong and bright girl.
  • She is also helpful to colleagues and customers. In addition, she is always polite when dealing with anyone.
  • She is responsible and takes initiative to look after Helpdesk even when it’s already after office hour.
  • Give her any task, she will be able to complete it on timely manner.
  • She possesses the ‘never-say-die’ spirit in anything especially when it comes to organizing badminton training.
  • Here’s the friendly face of our Oct employee of the month!


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    16 years ago

    Congrats Annie Ong 🙂