Guess who? Perhaps you have heard of her when you call Exabytes but you have never met her! This is your chance now to know who is she… Yup, Avian Loh is the Employee of the Month for September! With the traits that she has, even the clients love her to bits!

  • We love to address her as “Warrior Princess of Exabytes“! No sword-fighting for her in war, but if there is, we are sure she will be a reliable heroine.
  • She is definitely hardworking and handles her jobs efficiently.
  • She receives good testimonials and compliments from customers.
  • She is round-the-clock helpful and able to assist colleagues and clients at any time. (Can call her at anytime of the day! She will be there for you.)
  • This is the person whom you have been talking to over the phone all this while!


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    14 years ago

    Congrats Avian Loh! 😀