As a customer of Exabytes, do you like and enjoy looking at the graphics in our newsletters? When you read our company blog or browse Exabytes’ newly launched, are your senses ‘livened up’ by the striking Red Dragon representing InstantIT.Asia? 🙂

While some like to write, there are quite a number of artistic people who prefer to let a picture speak a thousand words! Their pen might not be as mighty as the sword, but with their Apple laptops and Photoshop skills they are certainly able to express themselves at length and influence numerous readers.

Exabytes Creative Team
Exabytes Creative Team

Captivating the attention of our website readers at first sight is their duty, and beautifying Exabytes’ websites, blogs, banners, etc is their enjoyment. Born to see everything in life from the artistic point of view, let’s put our hands together to welcome our Web and Graphic Designers – Vickson Tan and Alysa Lee aka The Artists of Exabytes!!!

Creative Team Leader – Vickson Tan
Creative Team Leader – Vickson Tan

Vickson Tan, or more warmly known as ‘sonson’ is the leader of our creative team. At first impression, you will probably see a very tall person who speaks very loudly and appears less seriously at work. This is however, just a facade!

Vickson’s rule of thumb is always treat his work as something fun, rather than some mundane and routine tasks. He believes in order to come out with something refreshing, brand new and original, a designer will need to be exposed to other good designs and genuinely enjoys his work.

During his free time, the very versatile Vickson is also a professional photographer. He takes photos at different occasions which include wedding, company function, graduation ceremony, etc. An artist by nature, Vickson has so far showcased his photography skills at more than 35 occasions. And did I mention that he is also a tutor of Web Design? A workaholic for sure, Vickson always makes us wonder how he manages to juggle so many different tasks.

On a personal level, Vickson is someone who cherishes friendship very much. As one of his friends myself, I would say he is the type of person who is willing to sacrifice a lot of things just to lend a helping hand to his friends.

‘Compulsive laughter’ – Alysa Lee
‘Compulsive laughter’ – Alysa Lee

Coming up next is Exabytes’ compulsive laughter (laughter → a person who laughs), Alysa Lee. A lot of us try not to tell jokes in front of her as when she laughs, it sounds exactly like a malfunctioned machine gun which never stops. Unfortunately, our efforts have been in vain as even the lamest joke told will send her laughing like a maniac. Not only that, sometimes her laughter can be heard even when we stand at the main entrance of our office, which is around 10 meters from her desk. Aih….

Professionally, Alysa believes that a good designer must always accept people’s comments and learn from there. Besides, she sees meeting different demands and requirements from different clients as the biggest challenge in her profession. As a proactive person, Alysa keeps herself motivated by constantly upgrading her skills and knowledge in the field of design.

Outside work, Alysa makes handcrafts like a pro. Her recent ‘production’, a Russian Doll Purse was sold immediately after it was uploaded to her personal website. Her other handcraft collections include a clay penholder, cloth teddy bear, Domo Kun, etc.

Our especially multitalented individuals in our creative team are always working at their best to enhance the visual effects our customers see, and constantly striving to improve the uniqueness of their design. Although they are the last department featured, their contribution is nothing less than other departments. Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude to our blog readers who follow us all this while, and we thank you for your interest in reading about our dedicated staff who work behind the scene.

With this final feature on the entire workforce of Exabytes, we are sure that our customers have now known us better, and sending in helpdesk tickets or calling in to communicate with us is definitely a friendlier experience now!

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Looking for a Car?
Looking for a Car?
13 years ago

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