Happy Deepavali

Hurrah…! The festival of lights, Deepavali is just around the corner. As the most important festival widely celebrated by Hindus and Indians in numerous countries, Deepavali or Diwali is celebrated with lots of open houses and jovial savoring of mouth-watering cuisine and delicacies in Malaysia. On a more spiritual level, it is actually the celebration of the inner light which outshines all darkness, removes all obstacles and most importantly, awakens the individual to one’s true nature.

In this special November, as Exabytes too is submerged in the ambience of auspicious lighting and joyful atmosphere of this special festival of lights, we wish all Hindus and Indians a Happy Deepavali, and everybody a Happy Holiday!

To celebrate this special occasion, our office will be closed on 5 November 2010 and resume operation on 8 November 2010. In case you encounter any technical issues, don’t sweat it, as our professional technical staff will still be working 24×7 to assist you day and night.

Happy Holiday everybody!

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