Unlimited Web Hosting is the MOST powerful shared hosting plan that is ready to serve many types of hosting requirements and purposes, be it multiple blogs, forums, photo galleries and even E-Commerce stores.

WHY do so many businesses go UNLIMITED? Check out the main benefits!

Unlimited Web Hosting

  1. Peace of mind with “Unlimited”

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a normal blog, e-Store or a sophisticated website with super high traffic, with UNLIMITED, you no longer have to worry about how much/many bandwidth, parked/subdomains, domains, emails, storage space etc (within shared hosting range) you need. Enjoy peace of mind when your business grow in the near or far future, as all your hosting needs will be well taken care of.

Unlimited Web Hosting

  1. Avoid Overage Charge

This can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Imagine your website/forum/blog experiences sudden traffic surge and your monthly bandwidth limit is reached. You will have no choice but to pay for overage charges. Overage charges can cause your business a lot of extra expenses. With UNLIMITED hosting, your website can have as much bandwidth as it requires (within shared hosting range).


  1. Setup MORE THAN One Website

You can have more than one website, there are no limit numbers of website for a shared hosting as long as the shared hosting are a to handle the traffic on your website. With each of them serving different purposes of your business, giving it more customers, traffic, exposure and endless possibilities.

[Comparison Between Unlimited VS Normal plan]

Normal Plan Unlimited Plan
Bandwidth Limited, eg 15GB Unlimited
Disk Space Limited, eg 20GB Unlimited
Email Account Limited, eg 100 Unlimited
Subdomains Limited, eg 100 Unlimited
Addon domians Limited, eg 1 to 5 Unlimited
Database Limited, eg 50 Unlimited


You may see some things like this for example.


These are the ideas that we can be shared with you to further increase your knowledge on web hosting.

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