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WHY host your server in Singapore?

Have you ever wondered why location is one of the main concerns when it comes to server hosting? Since your website can go online regardless of your server location, so it means server location makes no difference, right?

Well, in fact, it does make a difference where your server is.

Let’s say a Singapore based business hosts its website in the United States. When a website visitor visits the website from Singapore, his request to the server to browse the website will go from Singapore – USA – Singapore.

On the other hand, if the website is hosted in Singapore, the visitor’s request to the server to browse the website will only take place in Singapore, thus minimizing travel time and speed up website loading speed.

In other words, you can minimize the travel time so that your website loads faster when you choose to host in the location where most of your visitors come from.

Besides, there are more reasons why many choose to host their servers in Singapore.


Here are the top 3 most common ones why businesses host their servers in Singapore.

  1. Minimal natural disaster
  2. Singapore as the hosting capital
  3. Professionalism and Security


singapore nature

  1. Minimal natural disasters

As we all know, Singapore is sitting away from Pacific Ring of Fire, which means the country is safe from volcano eruption or any major earthquake. That being said, flood and tsunami may still occur due to unexpected weather changes.

Most Singapore data centers are well equipped to stay protected from natural disasters and fire. Take Exabytes’ Singapore data center for example, Telstra Data Center is equipped with aspirating smoke detection systems, traditional point detectors and both gaseous fire suppression and dry-pipe pre-action sprinklers, 800 mm raised floor height and more.

singapore night landscape

  1. Singapore as the hosting capital

Singapore is by far, the most popular hosting destination for top quality websites in Asia. Here are a few stats from Cushman & Wakefield’s recent report: “Data center investment: A rare opportunity for the right investor”.

Singapore comprises 54% of datacenter capacity in South East Asia. In fact, several web giants have chosen to host in Singapore. This can be another contributing factor why many choose to host their servers there, as large investment has been made to ensure the right facilities are available.

Here’s a diagram that shows the ranking of data center location by country:

asia data center location


Among 10 Asian countries, Singapore ranks number 1, which means hosting in Singapore is a better choice if you have clients based largely in Asia.


security camera

  1. Professionalism and Security

Picking a safe and well managed place is really important. Imagine your server is experiencing DDoS attack and it is not able to handle in a timely manner, your business and website could be down for a long period of time. That alone will cost you a lot of money, not to mention your business reputation. Take Exabytes’ Telstra for example, it combines stringent physical security measures with electronic access control systems to ensure the safety and security of hosted equipment.

Here go the top 3 reasons why most businesses choose to host their servers in Singapore. In fact, Exabytes is providing Singapore servers with state-of-the-art security and features for an affordable price.

Find out more about Singapore server or contact our friendly salesperson to have an obligation free consultation!

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