Another strong propeller of Exabytes, which is of this week’s feature, is our team of Business Development Department – Malaysia Division. Just like their colleagues in the International Division, they too spend a huge portion of their time sitting in the meeting room, brainstorming for ideas and coming out with our market-savvy and value-competitive hosting packages which have benefited many Exabytes’ clients. However, their jobs focus on only the sales and marketing for our customers from Malaysia.

Consisting of 5 very motivated and upbeat individuals, the ‘Active 5′ in this division are probably the most talkative and communicative persons in the whole company, for their jobs are to interact with customers regarding the company’s products and the customers’ hosting needs, both using their mouths and their ‘penmanship’ (using email).

The ‘Active 5’ in our Business Development Department – Malaysia Division
The ‘Active 5’ in our Business Development Department – Malaysia Division

Whenever you are unsure of what hosting packages to sign up for or which packages give you most value and discounted price, talk to them, and they will be more than happy to be at your service. For Exabytes, they are the people who are willing to sacrifice their time and energy, driving Exabytes forward day by day and bit by bit.

The most important person in this division, and maybe the most experienced person in the whole company, is no doubt this lady captain who has since the inception of Exabytes, dedicated her time and all her focus on helping to propel Exabytes forward! She is no other than our Big Sister (Dai Ka Je), and a true mentor to many of us – Ms PY Ooi!

As the Manager of Business Development Department, Malaysia Division, Ms Ooi’s main duties include overseeing the operation of the whole department, budgeting for Exabytes’ online sales advertisements as well as exploring new opportunity to promote the company’s good name. Apart from all these, she is also a decision maker of many marketing related matters at Exabytes.

Our ‘Dai Ka Je’ is well recognized for her ability to figure out the most efficient way to complete the tasks given, and it is her satisfaction to reduce her subordinates’ workload by implementing new methods and strategies in the department.

A good teacher and a very caring person, our sources tell us that she behaves exactly the same both at work and outside of work – affable and very easy-going.

Ms Ooi’s motto as the Manager of Business Development Department is always apply one’s creativity to custom make the (hosting) packages for different groups of customers by recognizing and understanding their needs.

PY Ooi, our Business development Manager cum ‘Dai Ka Je’
PY Ooi, our Business development Manager cum ‘Dai Ka Je’

Moving on to the next important person in the division, introducing our Assistant Manager, Roger Lew! Speaking of him, he is a completely different person from Ms Ooi. Loud and audible, he is definitely ‘the most heard person’ in the company. Likes to give orders and assign tasks with his very masculine voice, one may mistake his loudness as a sign of rudeness and indifference. However, inside this very handsome, stout and muscular body (all claimed by himself), is a very sociable and approachable person (also claimed by himself).

Roger spends most of his days monitoring and checking on all incoming help desk sales tickets from customers. Whenever there is any incoming ticket which needs special attention, he is the one who will guide the juniors through to solve the issues with his experience. Besides, Roger is also the person who makes sure all tickets are replied in accordance with Exabytes’ standard reply time. Oh, have I mentioned that he is also the person in charge of the sales of dedicated server?

Roger, our Assistant Manager with 5 year experience believes that how much effort a salesperson puts on sales follow-up is what determines whether he or she is successful or not in this field. Besides, to him, it is also of utmost importance to stay positive all the time no matter what happens.

Roger Lew, our sociable and approachable Assistant Manager
Roger Lew, our sociable and approachable Assistant Manager

Coming up next is the most patient person in the department, Kevin Ooi. People always claim that ‘look can be deceiving’, but in the case of Kevin, it is ‘look does not deceive’. His decent-guy look reflects his true personality – very patient and polite. Kevin is also especially helpful to his juniors, in guiding them to solve complicated issues at work.

As a Business Development Executive, Kevin’s major tasks are attending to help desk sales tickets, answering various sales enquiries via telephone and sales follow-up.

Kevin draws satisfaction from work by getting things done efficiently and up to his own targets.

Kevin Ooi (Business Development Executive) – patient and polite
Kevin Ooi (Business Development Executive) – patient and polite

Next is a rather funny and cheerful person in the division, Jin Wee. Despite majoring in accounting in university, he is now very knowledgeable about various online marketing tools and methods, and even website building. Young and almost positive all the time, Jin Wee doesn’t stop picking up new skills in IT and is always interested in new ideas of E-commerce.

His major tasks are replying help desk sales tickets, talking to customers on the phone regarding the company’s products and sales follow-up.

Jin Wee’s motto as a Business Development Executive is always be patient when dealing with customers and handling incoming phone calls. He also believes being a good listener to all his customers.

Jin Wee – funny and cheerful
Jin Wee – funny and cheerful

Last but not least, is the most junior and the youngest person in the department, Pei Yin. Although she has been with Exabytes for only 3 months, many seniors in the division have been impressed by her great diligence in acquiring new knowledge in the field of online sales and marketing.

Pei Yin believes that an online sales and marketing person should always approach his/her customers with friendliness and stay motivated all the time.

Pei Yin – friendly and motivated
Pei Yin – friendly and motivated

And this wraps up our feature on our two divisions of Business Development Department. Our executives are always eager to talk to our customers regarding how to get the best out of their hosting packages, so if you would like to know more about it, please do not hesitate to talk to them!

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