TOYM, or better known as “Top Outstanding Young Men” presented by JCI, Malaysia (Junior Chamber International, Malaysia), is a prestigious award which acknowledges the exceptional achievements of ten individuals in Malaysia aged from 18 years to 40 years in different fields as well as their contributions to the society and the community. The top 30 finalists and 10 winners of the awards were selected from different fields and categories.

The TOYM Dinner at Sunway Convention Hall, KL

This year, CEO of Exabytes, Mr. Chan Kee Siak was short listed as the ‘Top 30 Outstanding Young Men’ at the age of only 30 at his first time participation in this awards under the category of Business, Economic and / or Entrepreneurial Accomplishment, prior to the award ceremony which was held at Sunway Convention Hall, KL. The honor of being short listed as the top 30 was indeed an astounding one, judging by the extensive competition coming from numerous exceptionally outstanding individuals in different areas throughout Malaysia.

TOYM Award Ceremony 2011 started at 7.30pm in the beautiful evening of September 22, with the presence and participation of the top 30 short listed candidates including celebrities like Malaysian singer Penny Tai and veteran Malaysian actress Lai Ming. Eight exabees reached Sunway Convention Hotel at 7.00pm in suits or night gowns, only to be stunned by the splendid attire wore by the night’s participants who richly dressed in suits, tuxedos as well as magnificent gorgeous night gowns. Former education minister Mr. Ong Tee Keat was also present, with many gorgeous looking men and classy ladies all gathered in the waiting hall. The night kick-started by a traditional Chinese dance and a special food presentation among others, followed by speeches by various highly respected individuals including the award organizer and Mr. Ong Tee Keat who took approximately 45 minutes before the grand opening ceremony of the night.

The 7 Exabees has a group the photo with Malaysian veteran actress, Lai Ming

Being the essence of the awards to provide a stage from which the 30 honorees can challenge and inspire young people from around the country, each winner’s career was highlighted in narrative form on a LCD projector with a presentation profiling of his/her accomplishments, followed by the trophy presentation, and an acceptance speech.

Being comfortably seated at the nicely decorated table with 3 boxes of moon cakes, we anxiously waited for the 10 winners to be announced from each category. When it reached the category of Business, Economic and / or Entrepreneurial Accomplishment, exabees clenched their fists and wished for the best to happen.

Chan, one of The Top 30 Outstanding Young Men in Malaysia

Although CEO Chan was not selected as the top ten this year, we at Exabytes are truly honored that Chan was short listed as the 30 finalists, in other words, the Top 30 Outstanding Young Men in Malaysia.

After the announcement of winners, Malaysian singer Penny Tai, also one of the top 10 winners of the night went on stage to give her spectacular singing performance to everyone before the meaningful night came to an end.

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