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If you have never heard of it, you must have been living under a rock all this while – no offense! Really, it’s been held all over the world – US, Australia, Italy, Singapore, India – you name it! And last year, it was held for the very first time in Malaysia and boy, did it rock! We were told that there was one room, too jam-packed with people, that there was no room left for breathing! No kidding! So for those of you who have missed last year’s action-packed event, you better get your eyes wide open now and read on!

Well GUESS WHAT! BarCamp is here once again to rock your world! And this time, we are going north – to Penang, baby! 😀 Now in case you aren’t already aware of it, BarCampPenang is one big gathering comprising geeks and nerds all over the world, sharing one interest and passion – technology! Okay, so we maybe that one bit about “geeks & nerds” is a little exaggerated, but really, as long as you have even the slightest interest in technology, you should really join this huge event!

So what if you’re not much of a tech-geek but still interested to share your passion on a different issue? Automotive, environment, music, perhaps? No problem! Just come on over and share, as this event is all about sharing and learning in an open environment regardless of what your topic of interest is! All you have to do, is drag yourself there (admission is FREE!), gather all the confidence you could muster, speak up, demo and share! And unlike the usual boring one-way conference, where the speaker talks and the audiences snore, this gathering is basically the opposite. This gathering is all about 2-way communication where participation is highly encouraged and audiences are expected to engage in communication.

So for those who are interested, details of the event are as below :

Date :
6th & 7th June, 2009.

Venue :
4th Floor,
INTI College Penang.

Time :
9 am – 5 pm.

We are going to be there as one of the sponsors, so we hope to see you there too! 😉

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13 years ago

See ya!