Exabytes' Angels

2010 marks the 9th year of Exabytes since it was founded back then in 2001 by our CEO Chan Kee Siak. Nine years after the inception, we are still strong and solid as ever, thanks to all the fantastic support given to us by our customers!

Today, Exabytes consists of 52 members of staff and 7 departments. As our loyal customers, have you ever wondered who are behind the scene all these years, giving you various support 24*7 via email and phone?

With much anticipation and surprises, we want to dissect the Exabytes you know in front of you and give you a full introduction as to who and who are behind the scene of Exabytes.

Well, since there are quite a number of departments in the company, this month, allow us to start with…..

There is one special department at Exabytes, in which the staff spend half of their time puffing their noses and eating junk food and other sweet sweet confectionary. And when they are having their daily favorite feast or discussing fashion or beauty or something unrelated to work in the office (luckily outside office hours), no Martians dare to step into their territory as their place exudes too much of feminism vibe which would simply expel a Martian without much effort.

This department consists of 7 fine ladies (or Venusians), and NO single Martian. And in this small tiny version of the planet Venus in our Solar System, lives an ‘iron lady’ who would fight for food, protect her citizens (although there are only 6 citizens on this planet Venus), and step forward if she detects threats or invasions of any kind. Yeah… she is no other than the HEAD of CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT, Miss Annie Ong!

Annie Ong, the chief of the Customer Service Department or more precisely known as the Customer Service Manager.

No one on this planet dares to ask her to ‘mind her own business’, as her major duty is to ‘mind everybody’s businesses’ in the Customer Service Department. Her duty as a Customer Service Manager includes overseeing the operation of the whole department, checking if all the tasks assigned to her fellow Venusians are completed on time and bringing food to reward them when overtime work is needed.

Second down the throne is the most senior (bear in mind though that being the most senior doesn’t mean the eldest) one in our Customer Service Department, Miss Tan Chia Ying. A very adventurous lady indeed, she has conquered the great Mount Kota Kinabalu in Sabah and was voted the Employee of the Month just a month ago. However, don’t be misled by her adventurous personality as in her personal life (and sometimes at work), her hobby is to imitate the expressions of various emoticons!

Miss Tan Chia Ying

The next person in Cust, is the one who is indeed feared by many. Introducing Jessica Sim (or more fondly known as Caca Sim), one of the main person in the Billing Department of Cust. Being the most petite Venusian in Cust, her MOTTO of Good Customer Service is always be a good listener to your customers even when they are angry! She is also an extremely responsible person deemed by many.

Jessica Sim

Next is the most caring person in our Customer Service Department, Miss Sharon. According to her fellow colleagues, her flair for paying attention to detail has put many in awe! Tasks assigned to her will always be completed with meticulous attention to detail. Her MOTTO of Good Customer Service is always put yourselves in customers’ shoes, comprehend their feelings and looking at everything from customers’ standpoints.

Miss Sharon

Up next is our ‘Nescafe Queen’ Sau Hun. Being the youngest in the department, she possesses the ‘loudest laughter’ and her laughter is best known for its ability of reaching every corner in the office. According to her colleagues, she is a very efficient and confident person. She believes that in order to give the best services to the customers, one must be very confident in his/her approach.

Our ‘Nescafe Queen’ Sau Hun is second from left

Hooi Meng is no doubt the tallest person in Cust, but we urge you not to be fooled by her innocent and docile look. Another main person in Billing Department, she is best known for making more than 100 phone calls in a day to remind the customers about their payment. According to reliable sources, her appetite is bigger than some of the guys and she is always munching on carbohydrates, and yet, she is the slimmest person in the department or maybe the whole company. Looking docile but rather forceful in her approach, she is best known for her never-give-up attitude at work.

Miss Hooi Meng

Last but not least, is the most junior person in the department, Miss Rachel. Besides her sweet and amiable look, she is an avid singer (likes to sing both during shower and at work). Famous for her ‘laugh before talk’ style in interacting with friends, it is quite tedious talking/listening to her as she would either laugh by herself before telling you something, or laugh before you finish telling her your jokes. Her signature line in conversation goes like this: Hey…. you know…. hehehehe…. let me tell you something…. hehehe…. (luckily this doesn’t happen when she works) Work wise, she is very patient in dealing with customers and she is also a very inquisitive person.

Miss Rachel

There goes the whole Cust Service department, which consists of 7 little angels cum great employees to Exabytes. Although small, this department definitely has what it takes to do a marvelous job, as their solid team work and undivided friendship and cooperation are something which make them one of the strongest teams at Exabytes!

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14 years ago

woooo 七仙女下凡

14 years ago

那简直是天堂啊~~ =D