If you ever see a lady in her twenties pushing a shopping trolley full of Milo and Nescafe, making her way to pay at the cashier of Sunshine Supermarket in Bayan Baru, Penang, don’t be surprised! Well, she is no owner of a large kopitiam or a ‘Milo hoarder’ who tries to hoard Milo in Malaysia. Instead, chances are high that she is our Office Manager – Ms KY Chan.

Extremely dedicated and always willing to take on extra tasks which are not within her job scope, KY Chan aka Qi Yong (a familiar name in our office) is the main person in our this week’s feature – Exabytes’ Administration Department.

Although Qi Yong is the only person in the department, her job includes assisting Finance Department in making various banking transactions, preparing payments for our vendors, processing payroll, handling big and small matters related to human resource, keeping important documents in the filing system, taking care of the office’s amenities, changing light bulbs……. (I’m going to stop here as it’s simply too long to mention all)

Although the list of her tasks is endless, Qi Yong prides herself on going the extra mile to complete all her tasks on time, without any delay and according to Exabytes’ standard requirements. As an Office Manager, she believes in keeping an optimistic outlook towards her job and being organized and tidy when executing any task.

Outside of work, our young Office Manager enjoys looking at various Malaysian food blogs to keep herself updated with the most recent ‘development’ of Malaysian street and restaurant food. 🙂 A fine lady who possesses a discerning palate, if you know her, ask her the locations of good food in Penang and she will be more than happy to recommend a few to you! 🙂

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