Let’s give a big round of applause to our FIRST ever employee of the month! August 2007 is the first month Exabytes started this appreciation activity. And without any doubt, KM Chow was awarded the first crown! Hey, he is not awarded for nothing. Everyone agrees that he deserves this because…

  • He is regarded as “A Knight In Shining Armour“! He is ever-willing to help anyone who faces difficulties.
  • He is willing to stay late to help out on issue, for eg. when one of the US Linux shared hosting servers – Gadolinium is having issue.
  • He handles the customer’s complaint well and is able to resolve issues efficiently.
  • He will take accountability on the job assigned to him and show initiative in all the tasks.
  • He is ever-ready to contribute ideas and possesses positive attitude in learning when projects are assigned to him.
  • A picture paints a thousand words! We won’t want you to just read the text above without showing you their faces! There you go!


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    16 years ago

    Congrats KM Chow 🙂