Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! We are proud to announce, the arrival of our Second Season of the Employee of The Month – August EOTM – new & polished! As this month marks the start of our Second Season, all of the winners’ status shall be reset, which gives all staffs equal chance now to win the RM500 cash award, along with Exabytes’ reserved car park slot!

And now, the moment you have been waiting for . . . You’ve seen her. You’ve read about her. You’ve probably even talked to her! But who is she? The winner for this month’s EOTM goes to none other than (Yes, it’s a girl. And yes she has won this award before!) . . . Ms Avian Loh, Exabytes’ Warrior Princess!

There are distinctive traits of why Avian is regarded as the “warrior” of Exabytes – all of which you can find from the traits below!

  • Incredibly dedicated in executing tasks assigned to her
  • Very hardworking and full of initiatives
  • Extremely efficient and friendly
  • Earned many praises from customers
  • A classic example of an “excellent customer service personnel”

Personality traits revealed; still remember how she looks like? If you don’t, let me help you refresh your memory! Always at your service, she is your reigning queen of the month! Please welcome, Ms Avian Loh!


Congratulations again Avian! 🙂

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15 years ago

What is the award for he ?

15 years ago

What is the reward for her ?

15 years ago

Yeah… Congratulations to Avian. 🙂