A brief explanation for Email Client is a program that is used to access and manage (read send, organize emails, etc) a user’s emails.  In other words, users of email client can only access their email account when they are in the office or before a particular desktop / laptop.

Webmail is becoming more essential than email client for all businesses due to the fact that users can have direct access to their webmail while they are away from the office or on holiday. Webmail has brought convenience to its users / business owners. Bear in mind that Webmail is completely different from Email Client.

Check more on the infographic below tells you the benefits of Webmail in a much clearer way.

Benefit of using webmail vs email client

1) Easy Access

  • You can access webmail directly as long as you have internet access
  • You only need to remember the URL which brings you to your email login, your email address (equivalent to your login ID) and password.

2) Backup

  • By using webmail, you can still access all your information (previously sent emails, drafts, other folders, etc) anywhere with a browser and internet connection.  No configuration or additional software is required, just an Internet browser.
  • NO worries of data loss even if your computer crashes or in the case of theft.

3) Universality

  • There are many types of email accounts, but no email accounts can be accessed through the email program. Email clients connect to the account via server by using email protocols such as POP or IMAP.
  • If these are not available, then the program will not be able to access the messages, and users will be unable to check and reply to clients’ emails.

4) Do not need to own a computer

  • Webmail accounts can be used at any he computer. Thus webmail users do not need to own a computer as they can access their emails using a friend’s laptop, or simply at a cyber café
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