We have tried to figure out the best way to hand you some Halloween candies over the Internet when you knock on the door of Exabytes. However, not the spookiest looking ones would get the big prizes this time, but YOU who are able to unscramble! Exabytes presents to you this Halloween a BIG pumpkin voucher for a HUGE discount on our web hosting plans.

Unscramble the alphabets that given, the MORE words you can unscramble, the MORE DISCOUNTS you can get!

The number of words you did:

Less than 5 words – You are probably still craving for the pumpkin, please work harder.
6-8 words – You might have used the broken broom from the witch to sweep only some words, you get $30 OFF.
9-11 words – You have zombie look, scary effects = 40/100. Thus you deserve a $40 OFF.
More than 12 words – Casper is probably helping you and we’ll reward a $50 OFF to the effort you put in.

The alphabets to unscramble: crk at tot erir

Only English words with more than 4 characters are accepted. Please submit your scrambled words at the box below before 30 October 2011, 2300 (SGT). The result will be announced on 1 November 2011 and you will get the pumpkin vouchers on that day too.

The vouchers are only for one-time use and are valid till 30 November 2011.  They are applicable to new sign-ups as well as renewals for the following hosting plans:

  1. Business Shared hosting plans
  2. VPS plans
  3. Semi-Dedicated plans
  4. Reseller hosting plans

Happy Scramble!

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