It’s again the moment of truth! Time passes by like lightning and we are here again to announce our respected EOTM of March 2011. Before we reveal the big secret, we gonna keep you in suspense and let’s see if you could figure out who the big star is for the third month of 2011.

He is one of the Martians in our technical support team who possesses the most boyish charm. Talk to him and you will usually be greeted with a playful smile, and a super friendly and heart-warming “How are you doing?” In March, he outperformed many of us by taking the initiative to solve the issues in server migration even during non-working hours. Besides, when approached by colleagues and juniors for help, he is known to be ‘speedy’ and extremely helpful.

Any idea who this young man is?

Without further ado, let’s put our hands together for KK Kwan, our young and charming System Engineer!!

Not only is he a fast self-learner, Kwan possesses more amazing qualities at work which successfully impressed our ever critical judges of EOTM such as:

  • Stays overtime to complete tasks at helpdesk
  • Dedicates his non-working hours to solve issues in server migration
  • Attends to clients’ requests well and is very responsible in doing follow-ups
  • Helpful when assistance is needed from juniors or colleagues
  • Friendly and affable
  • A fast self-learner
  • Shows great improvements at work
  • Positive attitude, great teamwork

Congratulations Kwan! We salute you for your selfless attitude to work.

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