HIGH Performance INSTANT Dedicated Server (10 Mbps Bandwidth) At COST PRICE!

Instant Dedicated Server
Everything has its 1st time!

In the case of Web Hosting, Exabytes is the 1st to Give You 10 Mbps Bandwidth and other specs of a HIGH Performance Dedicated Server for the price of 1 Mbps Bandwidth in Asia! And the craziest thing is your server will be READY IN 4 HOURS!


Eye-Popping Facts of Exabytes Instant Setup Dedicated Server:

  • Your Server will be ready in 4 hours, or you’ll get FREE 1 week dedicated server hosting for every 1 working day delay in setup!
  • 32GB RAM for the price of 10GB RAM!
  • Unmetered Data Transfer!
  • SAVE over $1990 / Month! Dedicated Bandwidth normal price is $199/month/Mbps!
  • For MORE, click HERE!


What You Enjoy?

  • High Speed and Rock-Solid Servers
  • WORRY-FREE About Sudden Surge in Traffic
  • Extremely Fast Setup
  • Reliable Dedicated Server Engineers’ Support
  • Disaster FREE Hosting Location – Malaysia
  • Applicable in cPanel and WebSitePanel


For ONLY USD 199 / month, you Enjoy All the Specs of a HIGH Performance Dedicated Server BETTER than others, offered the FIRST TIME IN ASIA!

If you’re hosting web applications, websites, portals, blogs, e-Commerce websites or reseller hosting, Exabytes Instant Dedicated Server can Triple Your Efficiency & Give Your Biz a Competitive Edge!

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