Imagine yourself given a chance to choose between a bunk bed and a king sized bed. Which one would you choose? We’re pretty sure you’d choose a king sized bed over a bunk bed anytime, right? Why? And it’s all for the same reason – comfort, privacy and quality. 🙂

Just like a king sized bed, our Dedicated Server gives you the freedom of being in control as well as the extra security & comfort in webhosting. Find out why in the Infographic below!

dedicated-server-blog_01 dedicated-server-blog_02 dedicated-server-blog_03 dedicated-server-blog_04 dedicated-server-blog_05 dedicated-server-blog_06

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Exabytes has specialized in providing web hosting services since year 2001. Ranked No. 1 in Malaysia since 2005, we now serve over 75,000+ Customers (from individuals, students, small & medium size businesses, to government and public listed companies) in 121 countries and manage over 1000+ Servers with 100,000+ websites, 1,000,000+ email accounts.
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